Whistler is simple, secure, and affordable.

Simple to Use

Whistler has been designed to be easy to use. It's simple to administer your account, and no user training is required to send an anonymous report.

Easy to implement

Whistler is simple to administer. It can be implemented across your organisation easily, with a minimal investment in time and resources.

Highly Secure

Reports are encrypted using AES-256 encryption, and can only be decrypted by a decryption key that is sent to your organisation's Authorised Persons. This approach ensures that sensitive reports are properly protected against misuse.

Completely Anonymous

Whistler takes anonymity seriously. Whistleblowers don't need to have a user account or sign in to make a report. The application does not log IP addresses, record locations, or use web analytics software that may trace the identity of whistleblowers.

Whistler can work alongside your existing reporting mechanisms for more sensitive issues where employees require additional levels of diligence, assurance and protection.

Whistleblowers care about their anonymity

Whistleblowers will be more likely to report an incident if they are completely confident that their identity will remain protected.

Within an organisation, few employees will report very sensitive issues to managers. They will be concerned that the manager may do nothing, may handle the information without due care, or may even take reprisals against them. Fear of reprisal is a key factor in employees deciding not to make a whistleblowing report.

Whistleblowers will also not want their voice recorded on a hotline. Once the whistleblower's voice is recorded, it will allow for easy identification. Voice calls aren't an ideal medium for communicating detailed information. Language, accent, and line quality can all result in missing key parts of the message.

Affordable pricing

With subscription starting from just $19 per month for small teams and $29 per month for organisations with less than 50 employees, Whistler is affordable for organisations of all sizes.

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